5 On-Trend Buys I've Found Cheaper Versions Of On Etsy

Honestly, I’ve never been a huge Etsy user. In the past, I’ve found the site far too overwhelming, with so many “meh” items outnumbering the amazing one (I guess that’s expected, but still, ain’t nobody got time for that). Over the last few weeks, however, I’ve finally found a purpose for the site in my life — and it’s not for handmade finger puppets or vintage cosmetics cases. Etsy is a secret goldmine for cheaper versions of clothing items that are currently trending.

My process usually goes down a little something this: I spot a really cool item by an indie brand or designer label, am not a fan of the price (which typically means it costs more than $100). I hop over to Etsy, type in some key words, and boom: The less expensive, potentially cooler version of that very piece appears before my eyes. Now, I’ve been setting up little challenges for myself: Can I find a cheaper iteration of that gingham dress I saw at Opening Ceremony? What about a vintage number that looks just like the new Mansur Gavriel silhouette?

Ahead, you’ll find five of-the-moment goods I discovered on Etsy. Here’s to cutting corners, saving $$$, and finding exactly what you want in the process.

The Original Item:Rochas Embroidered Sac Bag, $1,095

I’d carry this with jeans and a tee and with a black tie gown, but it’s still hard to justify spending a month’s rent on a printed bag.

The Etsy Find:Vintage ’60s Hippie Sac Bag, $90

Please tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Sure, it’s not as formal as the Rochas version, but the silhouette hits the mark.

The Original Item: Justine Clenquet Chain Belt, Price Unknown

Jewelry designer Justine Clenquet debuted this chain belt on her Instagram, and I immediately fell into a spiral trying to find an option now, instead of having to wait for hers to drop this spring. And judging by the prices of the rest of her pieces, this would likely set me back a few hundred dollars when it comes out.

The Etsy Find: Silver Metal Chain Link Belt, $24

Just picture this with a killer pair of Levi’s and a vintage rocker tee. So good. Plus, instant gratification.

The Original Item: Shrimps Antonia Beaded Clutch Bag, $426.80

As soon as I saw Alexa Chung carrying this vintage-inspired beauty, I had to get my hands on it. The only problem? The $400-plus price tag.

The Etsy Find:Pastel Beaded Purse, $35

Turns out, Etsy has tons of vintage beaded purses that resemble the Shrimps one for a fraction of the price. This option has a pastel kick, but still gives off those Alex Chung vibes.

The Original Item: Alberta Ferretti Embroidered Flats, $1,090

These are sure to be the next Gucci loafer as far as It Girl shoes go, in terms of aesthetics and, sadly, price.

The Etsy Find: Vintage ’90s Embroidered Mules

Paying $78 is always better than $1,090, and who doesn’t love a good throwback option that no one else will have?

The Original Item: Blooming Dreamer Birkin Basket, $146

This particular Jane Birkin-inspired basket started taking over my Instagram feed a few months ago, and I love that it comes in an adorable teeny-tiny size. But $150 is just more than I want to pay for a cute little basket.

The Etsy Find: Jane Birken Basket Small, $72.58

This one isn’t dirt cheap, either, but it’s identical and costs half of the original price.

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