Even Draymond Green Had To Laugh At Dave Chappelle’s Bit About His Name

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Netflix dropped a pair of new Dave Chappelle stand-up specials for New Year’s, which have been the talk of the comedy world (and beyond) since they were released for good and bad reasons.

Chappelle’s willingness to wade into problematic waters with regards to the sexual harassment claims against fellow comic Louis C.K. and attempts at making jokes at his victim’s expense caused plenty of outrage and backlash. While Chappelle probably could have heeded his own advice and waited before writing material about Louis C.K., much of the rest of his specials hit the mark.

One of the bits that blew up on social media, especially for NBA fans, was his riff on Draymond Green’s name being the “blackest sh*t I’ve ever heard.” Chappelle joked that if you type Draymond Green into Airbnb, it will log off automatically.

The joke naturally made its way back to the Warriors’ All-Star forward, and late Wednesday night, after the Warriors took care of the Mavs, Green laughed it off on Twitter, noting he just had a son that he named Draymond, after himself.

Chappelle is a Bay Area guy and a Warriors fan, so it’s not surprising he’d have some jokes about Draymond. As for Green, he seems to have found it funny, although we might have to wait for Mary Babers-Green’s response as she might have something to say to Chappelle.

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