Hillary Clinton Says Death Row Records Inspires Her Fashion

Hillary Clinton’s appearances on The Breakfast Club are always occasions for celebration. In April, she revealed that she carries hot sauce in her bag, specifically Ninja Squirrel-brand hot sauce. Now, she’s returned to the program to drop another bomb that will probably have the more dimwitted corners of Twitter in a tizzy.

Specifically, she said that her fashion choices were inspired by Death Row Records. That’s in response to this insanely good tweet that points out the sartorial similarities.

For those that don’t have an otaku relationship with famous hip-hop kingpins, Death Row Records is the brainchild of Suge Knight. Knight, a former Rams player, released seminal albums from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. He was in the car with Tupac when the rapper was shot in Las Vegas. Recently, he’s in the news because he’s suing Dr. Dre for alleging that Dre hired hit men to kill him in order to avoid paying out $300 million after Beats was purchased. Last year, he killed someone via hit and run.

His most famous line is this Diddy diss.

During her Wednesday appearance on The Breakfast Club, which is probably the best radio show, she came clean about her admiration for Suge Knight.

“I think Death Row and a lot of other hip-hop fashion sources have influenced my look,” Clinton told the hosts.

Watch her appearance below, it’s worth it.

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