Kamasutra 101: How many of these positions have you tried?

Something for the weekend? We’ve rounded up the 7 best Kamasutra sex positions for women

Sex positions for women
‘Schedule a weekend away at a cosy hotel and keep the BlackBerry switched off until Monday morning,’ recommends Catherine. ‘That way you can give each other your full attention.’

The world’s oldest and most famous sex manual, The Kamasutra was written in India around 400BC and literally means ‘A Treatise on Pleasure’.

With over 100 different sexual positions including graphic instructions on how to do them, it’s the most comprehensive sex guide in the history of mankind.

But with a central focus on female pleasure, tips for women on maintaining relationships with several lovers, and exhaustive techniques for men on how to keep a woman satisfied in case she runs off with someone else, we reckon it might just be the world’s first Feminist Sex Bible.

We asked Sexpert Girl On The Net to talk us through the top 7 positions and why they work so well for women… You’re welcome.

The Plough

How to do it: Essentially an easier and more enjoyable version of the wheelbarrow, you lie tummy down on the bed with your top half rested on the bed and legs off the bed and straight out behind you. He is between your legs, supporting your lower half by your thighs. It takes practice but is worth every minute.

Why it works: The wheelbarrow is a great position but totally exhausting. This is all the fun without the pain.  Plus when you’re tensing your leg muscles (which this active position requires) it tightens up your vagina, which gives the sensation of squeezing him tight from within. When you orgasm in this position, your muscles contract even tighter which gives you an even more intense sensation.

The Plough Kamasutra Sex Position

The Plough Sex Position

The Rider

How to do it: This is basically the classic woman on top, but the key to its success is its flexibility. You have the option of switching between sitting upright so he gets more of a view or lying down flat chest to chest with him for increased intimacy. Add a vibrating ring for him if you want something different.

Why it works: Because you are ultimately in control so can angle yourself exactly as you want it. Not all of us have our clitoris in the same place but this is one you can angle to where yours is for personal pleasure. It’s great if you’re a performer as you can sit up and indulge your inner sex goddess, while those with very large boobs that hurt when they jiggle up and down in this position can lie flat on their partner’s chest for a bit of relief.

The Amazon

How to do it: He lies on his back and pulls his knees up to his chest so he’s curled up in a ball. He then pushes his penis back between his legs so it’s underneath them. You squat over him and rock backwards and forwards.

Why it works: This is one that sounds bizarre but has to be tried to be believed. I’d always dismissed it in sex guides till I tried it out myself. It makes you feel incredibly powerful and is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a guy during sex without a strap on.

The Amazon Kamasutra Sex Position

The Amazon Sex Position

The Frog

How to do it: It’s very simple and almost doggy position, but instead of being on your hands and knees, you put your arms down flat and rest the whole front part of your body on the bed with bum up in the air.

Why it works: You have your hands free so you can use them to stimulate yourself. His hands are also free for extra stimulation. Because you’re not balancing your weight on your hands, you have more energy to stay in the position for longer and your hands are free to play with him and yourself throughout.

The Hero

How to do it: You lie on your back in the backwards roll position, with your ankles by your ears, while he kneels and takes you whilst holding your legs back.

Why it works: In terms of angle this is perfect for G Spot stimulation, as his penis will rub directly against your G spot. This is also ideal for light BDSM fans because your ankles can be tied together or to the bedpost or held in place by him, which avoids you getting cramp.

The Hero Kamasutra Sex Position

The Hero Sex Position


The Curled Angel

How to do it: This is one you probably already do, otherwise known as – Spooning or ‘hangover sex’. But done right, can top the lot.

Why it works: Having come across a great many positions in my time, this is still one of my favourites because quite simply, if done right, it offers total sexual equality. In missionary or doggy a man always tends to assume a bit more control. With this, you work together taking it in turns to lead, plus his hands are free so encourage him to play with you while you’re doing it so orgasm for you come more easily.

The Star

How to do it: You lie on your back, like missionary position, but with one leg bent and the other leg outstretched on the bed. He kneels between your legs, with one leg bent and the other lying flat on the bed. He sits so that his one leg is beneath the bent leg of you and the other leg bending around your flat outstretched leg, making a star shape.

Why it works: This is great for deep G Spot penetration. He can also touch your clitoris for extra stimulation. You can even touch your own clitoris while he’s free to play with your breasts. So you have all your erotic zones covered.

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