People are pretty upset with Spencer’s — here’s why

People are pretty upset with Spencer’s — here’s why

People are pretty upset with Spencer’s — here’s why

Right now, people are less than pleased with Spencer’s because of a new line of pro-Trump merchandise. It isn’t just that it’s about Trump, but rather that the line of tees quotes the president-elect on issues of sexual violence. It’s really, really gross, and problematic AF when you think about the fact that the brand is making money off the normalization of sexual violence.

Facebook user Mary Numair shared the line of tees she came across when she went to Portland’s Lloyd Center shopping mall. She posted about the incident on Facebook, and explained why she was so upset by the line, writing,

“In case anyone still needed a reason to never walk into a Spencer’s again, this is proudly being displayed in the front of their PDX store. Way to normalize sexual assault. Share this. Share it loud. This is not okay.”

Honestly, we agree. Nothing about joking about sexual violence is okay.

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After receiving a huge response, Numair edited the post, writing,

“HOLY [sic]: I did not foresee the massive response this has gotten. It kind of makes me hopeful? Anyway, for those who are calling the store or going into the store, please remember that the sales associates have no say with this shit. Talk to managers, call higher-ups. Please, PLEASE be kind to the workers out on the floor. They may not have the luxury of quitting or standing up to their bosses.”

And it worked! One commenter noted that the shopping center pulled the shirts!

While these shirts definitely should have never been put out there to begin with, we’re glad to see that the shopping center was open to getting rid of the merchandise.

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Now, we hope to see a larger response from Spencer’s. We like a good joke as much as anyone, but sexual violence is never funny. Period.

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