This Is The Sex Toy For You Based On Your Sign

Shopping for a sex toy can be truly daunting. You might be seeking the perfect item for solo play, something that you can seamlessly integrate into sex with your partner, or perhaps something that can serve both purposes. With all that in mind, we’d like to present you with a whole new way to shop for sex toys: by your Zodiac sign, of course.

Since we’ve already determined the best sex position for your sign, we decided to explore which sex toy best fits each sign’s unique personality and needs. As always, we consulted our friends, the Astrotwins, to get their spot-on astrological analyses of each sign. With an entire world of sex toys on the market at the moment, there is something for absolutely everyone, from exploratory Aquariuses to more goal-oriented Capricorns.

If you find that the toy for your sign isn’t necessarily the toy for you, don’t worry. Check out some of our other favorite toys here.

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Toy: Lelo INA Wave

This ultra-powerful vibe simulates the sensations of fingers with its caressing, G-spot-hitting motions. No Aries can resist a toy that’s both intense and precise.

LELO, $199.00, available at LELOPhoto: Courtesy of Lelo.


Toy: Dame Eva

This sneakily small vibrator tucks under the labia, so you can wear it during sex with your partner or enjoy some hands-free solo time. Either way, it’ll enhance the experience, and no Ram can deny their more-means-more worldview.

Dame Products, $105.00, available at Dame ProductsPhoto: Courtesy of Dame.


Toy: Hitachi Magic Wand

You’ve been called competitive, bold, and maybe a bit reckless at times — you, dear Aries, need a powerful toy to match your equally powerful persona. Enter the Hitachi Magic Wand. Its classically rumbly vibration settings will give demanding Rams exactly what they want, when they want it.

Magic Wand, $134.95, available at The Pleasure ChestPhoto: Courtesy of Hitachi.


Toy: We-Vibe Touch

Bulls love a tease, and this clitoral vibrator can deliver barely-there sensations just as effectively as it can completely rock your world.

We-Vibe, $99.00, available at We-VibePhoto: Courtesy of We-Vibe.


Toy: Mindfold Sleep & Relaxation Eye Mask

Remember what we said about teasing being a Taurus’ weakness? This blackout sleeping mask will take any sensation play to the next level.

Mindfold, $13.75, available at AmazonPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon.


Toy: Lelo ORA 2

Bulls are drawn to luxury in all things — but this toy doesn’t merely look high-end. It simulates oral sex with some of the most realistic and intense sensations around. Passionate Tauruses will love how it teases and delivers.

LELO, $189.00, available at LELOPhoto: Courtesy of Lelo.


Toy: We-Vibe Nova

Is a dual-stimulation vibrator too on-the-nose for Geminis? Well, considering the Nova hits the clitoris and G-spot with a unique rumbling effect, we’d say it’s quite alright that we made the connection.

We-Vibe, $149.00, available at We-VibePhoto: Courtesy of We-Vibe.


Toy: Good Vibrations Nipple Teasers

These nipple clamps deliver more than a straightforward pinch. Gadget-loving Twins will love the one-of-a-kind feel of their resonating vibrations.

Good Vibrations, $29.00, available at Good VibrationsPhoto: Courtesy of Good Vibrations.


Toy: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

Great for solo or partner play, this cock ring is a perfect fit for the indecisive Gemini. The dual rings are stretchy enough to stay comfortable while the vibrating bullet and its textured sleeve provide more than enough stimulation.

Lovehoney, $13.00, available at LovehoneyPhoto: Courtesy of Lovehoney.


Toy: Ohmibod Love Life Vibrator

Cancers love finding small ways to deepen their already intimate romantic relationships. This little, yet intense, vibrator makes a great addition to couples’ play.

OhMiBod, $59.00, available at OhMiBodPhoto: Courtesy of Ohmibod.


Toy: Minna Ola

This vibrator is completely button-free — just squeeze anywhere and it will change to match the pressure and rhythm with which you squeezed. Scary-smart? Maybe, but Crabs will adore how personal the experience is.

Minna, $149.00, available at BabelandPhoto: Courtesy of Babeland.


Toy: Jimmy Jane SLIP & ZING

Cancer, the nurturer of the Zodiac, craves intimacy above all else. This lube (SLIP) and arousal gel (ZING) work in tandem to provide closeness and sensation for this sensitive sign.

Jimmy Jane, $25.00, available at Jimmy JanePhoto: Courtesy of Pink Cherry.


Toy: Tantus Rumble

This massager is surprisingly lightweight and, for go-big-or-go-home Leos, it works great as an additional source of stimulation.

Tantus, $129.99, available at TantusPhoto: Courtesy of Tantus.


Toy: Southern Butter Stimulating Butter

Lions, playful by nature, will adore this tingling arousal oil. It increases blood flow and leaves behind an intense cooling effect that will enhance any massage or foreplay.

Southern Butter, $12.95, available at The Pleasure ChestPhoto: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.


Toy: Stronic Drei

Most Leos are known for their aggression and need a toy that goes with it. The Stronic Drei vibrates, pulses, and thrusts and can be used vaginally or anally. Plus, its ridges and waves pack enough of a sensational punch to satisfy any Lion.

Fun Factory, $199.00, available at BabelandPhoto: Courtesy Of Stronic.


Toy: Crave Vesper

Virgos are drawn to anything minimal, especially if they can pass it off as practical, too. This sleek vibrator can double as a necklace — how’s that for practical?

Crave, $69.00, available at CravePhoto: Courtesy of Crave.


Toy: Tenga Egg

As a single-use masturbation sleeve in super streamlined packaging, the Tenga Egg is shockingly simple. And that’s what makes it so appealing to Virgos.

Tenga, $6.75, available at LiberatorPhoto: Courtesy of Tenga.


Toy: Crave Duet

When it comes to sex toys, Virgos don’t need anything too showy. Luckily, what this subtle vibrator may lack in bells and whistles, it makes up for in precision and versatility (two virtues that Virgos totally embody).

Crave, $149.00, available at CravePhoto: Courtesy of Crave.


Toy: Doc Johnson Pleasurepillar Vibrating Cock Ring

People-pleasing Libras will be happy to know that this cock ring comes with a little bullet vibrator on top, so no one feels left out.

Doc Johnson, $38.00, available at Good VibrationsPhoto: Courtesy of Good Vibrations.


Toy: Fun Factory Miss Bi

Believe it or not, Libras have a major impulsive streak. Luckily, this bendy dual stimulator is made to work in countless positions (and its girth ensures that you feel it no matter what).

Fun Factory, $149.99, available at Fun FactoryPhoto: Courtesy of Fun Factory.


Toy: Club Vibe 2.OH

Although not the most adventurous sign, Libra certainly is the social butterfly of the Zodiac, which makes this wearable vibrator a no-brainer choice. Slip it into your underwear and get creative with your partner (Libras love cooperation, after all) or enjoy an amazing, hands-free solo session.

OhMiBod, $79.00, available at OhMiBodPhoto: Courtesy of OhMiBod.


Toy: Jimmyjane Elements Vibrator

This vibrator checks all of Scorpio’s boxes: It’s intensely stimulating, subtle in appearance, and, since it’s actually ceramic, it stands out from other vibes on the market.

Jimmy Jane, $60.00, available at Jimmy JanePhoto: Courtesy of Jimmyjane.


Toy: The Rabbit Jade

We present you with yet another Scorpio-friendly sex toy made from an unconventional material. This dildo is made of jasper, also known as rabbit jade, which some believe has calming properties. Can any wound-up Scorps feel that?

Chakrubs, $169.00, available at ChakrubsPhoto: Courtesy of Chakrubs.


Toy: Tease by Lovehoney Black Silky Restraints

Although your penchant for mystery would never allow you to say one way or another, Scorpio, you’re drawn to the unknown. As a sign that loves experimenting and setting trends, you won’t find a better toy to add to your collection than these silky, multipurpose restraints.

Lovehoney, $22.99, available at LovehoneyPhoto: Courtesy of Lovehoney.


Toy: Crave Leather Cuff Bracelet

Sags love trying new things — if you haven’t experimented with restraints before, this luxe pair of cuffs is a great way to get started.

Crave, $62.00, available at CravePhoto: Courtesy of Crave


Toy: We-Vibe Rave

This G-spot stimulator is easy to use and accommodates your movements. Curious Archers will also love using the We-Connect app to create custom vibrational patterns.

We-Vibe, $119.00, available at We-VibePhoto: Courtesy of We-Vibe.


Toy: Jimmy Jane Hello Touch

Sagittarians, known adventurers and risk-takers that they are, need a toy that will keep up with them. Luckily, with its wearable vibrating pods that you can move at will, the Hello Touch is a seamless addition to foreplay and sex in equal measure.

Jimmy Jane, $79.00, available at Jimmy JanePhoto: Courtesy of Jimmy Jane.


Toy: Ooh By Je Joue London Collection No. 1 & No. 3

Versatility is the name of the game with this toy — one attachment makes it a pebble vibrator, another makes it a streamlined cock ring. Either way, practical Caps will find it irresistible.

Ooh By Je Joue, $95.00, available at FabPhoto: Courtesy of Fab.


Toy: Lioness Vibrator

This is about as smart as vibrators get — via its connected app, the Lioness collects data from your sessions to give you a better idea of your sexual health. Goats love to be informed, so this is a match made in heaven.

Lioness, $219.00, available at IndiegogoPhoto: Courtesy of Lioness.


Toy: nJoy Pure Wand

Hard-working Caps will love the firm, controlled stimulation the Pure Wand delivers to the G-spot. Its streamlined, minimal design will be especially appreciated by no-frills Goats.

Njoy, $110.00, available at NjoyPhoto: Courtesy of nJoy.


Toy: Fun Factory Delight Click N Charge

It’s as if this vibrator were made for Water Bearers, from its waterproof body to its alluringly aquatic design.

Fun Factory, $119.95, available at The Pleasure ChestPhoto: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.


Toy: Lelo SIRI 2

Aquarians are drawn to new or innovative technology, which means they’ll simply love this intense toy that vibrates in time with music or even their lover’s voice.

LELO, $159.00, available at LELOPhoto: Courtesy of Lelo.


Toy: Iroha Plus Kushi Cream

Water Bearers are inventive, out-of-the-box thinkers who rarely go for the conventional. All the more reason, then, to pick up the incredibly unique Kushi Cream. This vibrator’s ridges add texture and greater sensation to an already intense experience.

Iroha Vibe, $120.00, available at BabelandPhoto: Courtesy of Iroha.


Toy: Liberator Heart Wedge

Pisces love feeling surrounded by good vibes, whether during solo play or with a partner. This firm cushion provides ample support (and new angles) for the position that strikes your fancy.

Liberator, $79.00, available at BabelandPhoto: Courtesy of Babeland.


Toy: Candy-Colored Glass Dildo

Since it’s hand-blown, each model of this dildo is slightly different — and beautifully unique. Pisces will love how luxurious it looks and feels.

Standard Glass, $99.00, available at BabelandPhoto: Courtesy of Babeland.


Toy: Babeland Massage Candle

Imaginative Pisces love setting the mood in the bedroom. This candle will do just that, and once it’s been left to melt, it doubles as a sensual massage oil that no Pisces could resist.

Babeland, $6.00, available at BabelandPhoto: Courtesy of Babeland.

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